Exploring the New Story Podcast

Goal: Dissect UK-based, profitable permaculture lifestyles, and create replicable blueprints based on them.

If you’re like me, dreaming of achieving a lifestyle which is sustainable, and which gives you income from honest work, then join me as I speak to people here in the UK, who have been through that journey. Together we’ll find out the path they took, and what they would advise us to get to our destinations quicker.

Without further ado:

Manda Brookman on building influence for positive change

Podcast – the contrast between sustainable forestry and planning law – a live case


Beth Morgan on growing mushrooms and service to the community

Michele Fitzsimmons – earning a living designing edible gardens

Pete Tatham – pay your mortgage on 30 hours a week

Stefan Geyer – permaculture without land

Matt Morton – traditional gardening and an exclusive peak at the new demonstration farm project

Sam Holt – how his endless pool of energy help build community in Cardiff and beyond

Joel Williams – the bridge between “traditional” and ecological agriculture in the UK

Val Grainger – thinking outside of the box in farming

Charles Dowding – winning the casual RHS challenge 9 out of 10 years

Anne Stobart – medicinal forest gardens – a new quality in permaculture

Emily Lambert – how to fund your conservation project with a commercial enterprise

Sion Whellens – benefits of setting up as a worker cooperative












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