Natalie Bennett answers questions from the UK permaculture community

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Natalie Bennett is the former leader of the UK Green Party. She was born in Australia, and is educated in agriculture, so it was particularly interesting to ask her view on permaculture. This interview is relatively short, and quite heavily edited due to the technical issues we’ve faced. Natalie was on her mobile, as she was traveling between activities. This was a Sunday, and she’d just finished participating in litter picking in an ancient woodland near Sheffield, currently threatened with development. The previous day she participated in a protest against cutting down the majority of large, healthy trees around Sheffield by a newly appointed contractor. I have the pleasure to say that she was very responsive in all of our communications, more than I expected in fact from a person with a busy schedule. Natalie was present at the Oxford Real Farming Conference earlier that week, and we’ve talked about it too.


Land for What? – weekend conversation about land held in November 2016

Positive Money campaign

UK Green Party

Natalie’s official page

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