Michele Fitzsimmons – earning a living designing edible gardens

Michele Fitzsimmons

How to appreciate the skills we build throughout our lives, and not sell ourselves short. From media broadcasting, through running a charity, to teaching permaculture, and designing edible gardens, Michele has always kept a tab of her skills, and composed them in such a way, as to suit the job at hand. The secret is to not take them for granted. Each one of us has a set of skills, that some other people will appreciate, or even pay for. There are things which are easy for you, but out of my league, and vice versa.

Guest challenges

Cost of client acquisition for workshops

Lessons I’ve learned

Have a good understanding of my skills – wanting to do good work is not enough.

Value my skills – other people might depend on me being able to provide them.

Charity starts at home. I can’t continue giving without pay when I have bills to pay myself.

People Mentioned

Erik Ohlsen – this link takes you to a fantastic interview with Erik, by Scott Mann.

Upfront Garden Project – Facebook page

Lea Harrison

Frances Michaels


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