Matt Morton – traditional gardening and an exclusive peak at the new demonstration farm project

Matt Morton took his PDC with Bill Mollison in 1996.

We start of with a casual mention of helping build a permaculture project over a derelict strip mine…

In 2000 he moved to London, and picked up a traditional gardening job to get the experience. He still earns his living implementing aesthetic gardens, but has been working on creating a permaculture demonstration site on an old farm, which for many years laid underutilized.

The project has been positioned strategically on the outskirts of Oxford, next to a woodland frequented by university staff and students taking regular records of its ecology. Close ties with various local, and national charities give it a high chance of success, by employing a multiple income stream model from the start. Find more information over at, or connect at

Ideas and opportunities

  • map local resources, start small processing businesses
  • local democracy project – create a platform for close neighbours to collaborate

Projects and people mentioned

Music used: Luxe by Jahzzar is licensed under a Attribution-ShareAlike License.

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