Beth Morgan on growing mushrooms and service to the community

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Our Guest: Beth Morgan (twitter link)

From their website: “Beth grew up in Manchester. She qualified as an Art Director and worked for graphic design companies such as Via Communications in Manchester. Disconcerted by the throw away culture of the design world, Beth went on to pursue a career developing projects with young people and adults with troubled backgrounds. She has developed a number of arts and health development projects in the UK, Turkey and India. She continues to do arts facilitation and design work with community groups.

Beth later became an allotment Community Engagement Coordinator for Action for Sustainable Living, where she worked with disadvantaged families to engage them in food growing and cooking. With her experience investigating self-sufficient small holdings, as well as working on farms from an early age, she soon cemented the decision to pursue more work surrounding food growing, permaculture, agroforestry and community mobilisation.

Driven by the innate relationship between permaculture and the potential for long-term maintenance of the well-being and health of individuals, communities and their environment, Beth aims to inspire and educate others. Wanting to move away from the ‘plaster’ affect of mainstream social and health care, she explores people’s connectivity to the foods they eat and environment in which we live. Everything that has shaped Beth today, is fundamental for shaping Rooting and Fruiting.”

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“If people in hospitals are only surrounded by hard landscape, their recovery is slower than those who have green, living landscapes available”

People and Organizations Mentioned

Jesper Launder

Pextenement Farm – cheese farm which hosts Rooting and Fruiting

Radical Mycology

Community woodlands in Cornwall

Offshoots Permaculture Project in Burnley

Incredible Edible

Paul Stamets

Cartwheel Arts

Leeds Autism Service

Laya Point Permaculture

Growing Well

Red Rose Forest

TD Green Street

Incredible Aquagarden

Food for Life

Valley Organics

Tomas Remiarz

Pentiddy Woods

Next podcast: Michele Fitzsimmons – earning a living by designing edible landscapes:


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