In a society where touch is forbidden,

fear reigns,

and love is squandered.


The sustainable way of giving is to give freely, but only in surplus to one’s needs.

An apple tree drops all of the apples freely, then the leaves, then even some branches,

but if it gave you the wood, you wouldn’t see the apples for a very long time.


The most offensive four letter “F” word


The so called “full time leaders” aren’t able to lead ALL the time,

but EVERYONE can lead SOME of the time.

It is only a matter of choice.

A Corporation is a slave

Law defines corporations as “legal persons”,


corporations are owned by shareholders.

Last time I checked it was illegal to own a person…


How can laughter define us, if we live in a society,

where the comedian has to find a “target” to be funny?

Choose wisely

Freedom, sharing, cooperation foster conditions of happiness, and a basis for thriving.

Squandering, authority, control create misery, scarcity, and want.


Permaculture = energy and entropy considerations PERIOD


A Research and Development department with a billion-year track record.

Awareness vs. Action

Raising awareness about the destruction of the biosphere is like recording a cooking show: everyone watches, and in the end orders a pizza.


Everything we do is the result of the sum of pain and reward inputs in any given moment. Past and future are irrelevant.

Human Evolution

If in evolutionary terms, a unique mutation can become a winning trait for the species,

and a unique human skill gets learned, and repeated by followers,

why then most people spend their entire lives trying to fit in?


Don’t wait for happiness to dance,

Dance to be happy!


We all are schizophrenic. There is the conscious me, and the automatic me living in my brain.

If you’re lucky, they are friends.

Most of us aren’t that lucky.

Befriend your enemy

Angry people usually mean no harm, they simply can’t control their emotions.

Reach out, and grab yourself an ally.