Andy Goldring – Hacking society with permaculture without them knowing it

Andy Goldring runs the UK permaculture association. The goal of this organisation is to make permaculture so normal in the society, that there is no need for the association. They are not set to grow the numbers of the paid employees, but find clever leverages that empower members to push permaculture forward. We talk about mechanisms for reaching the tipping point, a conservative estimate of the size of the movement in the UK, how Andy got into it, and how we can keep motivated in a world that seems to be spiraling into oblivion. This chat was recorded the day after Bill Mollison passed away, and we spend a few minutes remembering him, and what his passing means for the movement.

Join the association

If you still haven’t joined, the membership is cheap as chips compared to most associated bodies in the UK. They are usually five, ten times more expensive in fact.

Getting the membership allows the association to reinvest in research, promotion of our values, and support of member projects.

Go to and join today.

Music used: Luxe by Jahzzar is licensed under a Attribution-ShareAlike License.

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