Sion Whellens – benefits of setting up as a worker cooperative

Sion Whellens is a member, director, and an employee (all in one person), together with other members, directors, and employees of Calverts worker coop in London. He’s here to tell us practical steps for setting up cooperatives. What are the benefits and potential risks, and what cooperative structures can do for removing some of the limitations of the capitalist economy, without the need for a revolution. We speak of what are cooperatives, and what role they play in raising the level of humanity. You read that right. Raising the level of humanity is the goal of a worker cooperative, not just getting a stable job. We discuss issue resolving, how coops get started, and where to look for support. We also talk about the Solid Fund, which has the potential to become the cooperative business incubator in the UK.


Calverts – where Sion works

Rochdale Pioneers

Solid Fund – potential future cooperative business incubator

Suma Wholefoods


AltGen – go there to find cooperators

Loomio – a very successful tech coop

Pebble and Slingshot builder

Use your cooperative strengths to push one more person out of the oil and gas corporate work-for-bills into restoring the health of soils.

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