Manda Brookman on building influence for positive change

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Our Guest: Manda Brookman

Manda Brookman is not typical in any sense, and lives a very unique lifestyle. Ever since her university days she’s lived her life of service to others. These days, she divides her time between her consultancy services, managing of 13 acres of “Happy Green Chaos” (with the help of resident pig WWOOFers),  and a myriad of community projects. Lately she’s been heavily involved in bringing aid to the people stranded in the Calais refugee camp, which she’s described as “hell under a tarp”.

We discuss EVERYTHING from the types of work she does, to strategies for achieving the kind of outcomes you might be interested in. This would best fit a person deeply involved in social change, who wants to go into the not for profit sector. Manda is very much an entrepreneur in the social sense, and her tips on building a network alone are worth listening to.

The best part is, that everything she’s been involved in has been for social benefit, and she’s never compromised her values. If a structure was not present for her to work within, she’s “simply” built it. Listen here to learn how.

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“Hell under a tarp” – when describing the refugee camp in Calais

“It’s non stop, you start early morning, and finish late at night; you build up trust, and you build up relationships” – on the process of building a network.

“Don’t assume that the UK is not a feudal system… it is”

“People do things not for the right reasons, people do things because other people are doing it, or because things always happened that way”

“We don’t need permission for sustainable development, we just need to do it”

Guest’s Challenges – could you help?

Helping solve the refugee crisis (organizing direct aid, raising funds, raising awareness)

Foxes eat my chickens (update: here’s an interesting article over at Permaculture Magazine with a creative solution)

Useful Links

What is an honesty stall?

People and Organizations Mentioned

Next week: Beth Morgan from Rooting and Fruiting talking about mushrooms, and community driven design.

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