Val Grainger – thinking outside of the box in farming

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Val is a real farming entrepreneur. She had her first goat and a calf at the age of 22, kept them in her back garden, and took them out to the nearby fields whilst pushing the pram. She’s never owned more than 12 acres of land, whilst managed over 40 through renting from neighbours. That way she’s kept up to 100 sheep. From a small project with other sheep owners she grew a successful business venture, that at it’s peak won the Devon Environmental Business Award. She only needed to stop due to falling ill to cancer. She now operates a certified LAND centre, and hosts volunteers from around the world wanting to learn all aspects of living in the countryside. She’s helped others raise funding for their projects, totaling over the years to a quarter of a million Pounds. From her land she produces a variety of goods, from sheep meat, to goats milk soap.


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This is a fledgeling project, that is taking a considerable amount of time, and a little bit of money. If you found this informative, entertaining, helpful, and think that it could help someone else, please share using the buttons below. Many thanks!

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