Charles Dowding – winning the casual RHS challenge 9 out of 10 years

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I have to apologise in advance – the audio quality is not the best, as it was recorded over the phone. Be warned 🙂 On the other hand, it’s a very short chat – 15 mins at best.

CORRECTION: “Challenge” (in the title) is not the correct word, as per Charles, a “suggestion” would be more exact. The idea for this test came from a casual conversation. The use of the word is my choice only, in the light of what Charles said about the nature of the conversation he had with the person from the RHS. Have a listen, and decide for yourself, if I was right to use it, but having said that, I respect Charles for correcting me. We need scientific scrutiny, and it has to be part of the media, as much as the science world. Having said that I’d like to keep my cheeky title to help stir a conversation around this matter. I shy away from reading RHS advice, because of their heavy use of chemicals, and if I can pull them into this conversation this way, I have achieved my goal. Please keep this in mind. It’s not Charles’ choice of words, it’s mine.

Charles Dowding has been growing vegetables for longer than I’ve been alive. His no-dig method is what he’s best known for, saving effort and actually improving yields. We talk about the ten year long comparison experiment between dig and no-dig methods, and the grower’s diary he’s recently released, and is available through his website


The Gardener’s Diary, and other books

Land Workers Alliance

The no-dig vs. dug experiment results

Music used: Luxe by Jahzzar is licensed under a Attribution-ShareAlike License.

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