Paul Pivcevic – Listen to how a mining CEO was affected by a forest garden visit

…Amongst other things…

National Forest Gardening Scheme

“Forest gardens are a radical way of growing food. They are the ancient wisdom revived. They are a radical way of inviting people to re-frame their relationship with nature.”

We’ve met with Paul at the Oxford REAL Farming Conference 2017.

Meetup 4th March 2017

To get in touch with Paul, especially if you’d like to learn more about the scheme, and come to the upcoming meeting, please send him a message via this simple message box:


Paul works as a “change agent” – working with organisations that are in need of amending their systems.

All forest garden owners that Paul have met think like leaders of complex systems.

Went to an introduction to forest gardening presented by Martin Crawford in May 2015.

Brought a number of senior people from a program he was working on to a forest garden in Kent. One of the group was inspired by it so much, that he’s working on re-cultivating all of the lignite mines in Germany as forest gardens.

Using forest gardens as “Trojan horses” for promoting regeneration.

Building a network of diverse people across the society.

Academic partners bring in a bit of rigor into the projects that are being undertaken.

Using productive, perennial plants in an industrial setting gives us an opportunity to reconnect the general public with nature, by allowing the workers to pop out into the garden on their break, and have a cup of tea from freshly picked leaves.

Gathering in Manchester 4th of March 2017. Hume Community Garden Centre.

Forest Gardening in Practice – book by Tomas Remiarz – the most comprehensive review of temperate climate forest gardens to date. Due out in March 2017

Music used: Luxe by Jahzzar is licensed under a Attribution-ShareAlike License.

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