Graham Burnett – Vegan Anarchist Permaculture

Graham Burnett is a permaculture teacher in London. He’s anti-dogmatic, and focused on action rather than extensive planning. He fell in love with the solution based approach of permaculture after burning out from the protest culture he grew up with. He’s an artist at heart and recently he designed and installed indoor garden space at a gallery local to him, called the Focal Point. We talked a lot about creating a right livelihood, something he’s currently building for himself, and help others in his community to do as well. This chat is on the rambling side for both of us, but I hope you can get a good picture of Graham, and his unique input to the UK permaculture scene.


Spiralseed – Graham’s website

Nicole Vosper

Claire White

James Taylor

Maddy Harland

Music used: Luxe by Jahzzar is licensed under a Attribution-ShareAlike License.

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