About Me

Daniel Selfie

My aim in life is to leave the planet in a better state than that which I found it in, so that my daughter and her friends can have a chance to build their future too.

The lens through which I view the world is called Permaculture. I was very fortunate to learn from Geoff Lawton who has worked more than two decades alongside Bill Mollison – the founder of permaculture.

Permaculture allows us to design all our life support systems in tune with laws of nature. We operate in the solar energy budget, and mimic ecosystem interactions to minimise external inputs. Although permaculture is out there, it’s not yet recognised widely. My vision is to raise awareness of it, and itself to a level of a recognised profession.

My interests are quite varied, and for me it’s easiest to think of myself as a polymath rather than try to box myself in.

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