Tomas Remiarz – the most comprehensive research of forest gardens to date

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There’s a few books on how to make a forest garden, all wonderful, but actually, where are they? How many people have actually done it in the 40+ years since permaculture came to be? There have been reports of tropical, and desert systems, but not much from the temperate climate. In this chat you will find out the result of four years of work, from the idea, to the book that is coming out in March. The book will contain a short lesson in ecology, a review of a variety of gardens with a ton of beautiful images, and lastly a step by step guide to designing your own. I’m looking forward to it, and I’m sure you will too. If after listening you feel the urge to have it, you can now pre-order it here: or direct from the author:

Tomas Remiarz interview notes:

Oldest gardens 25 years old, youngest looked at 5 years.

More than a half of these in the UK.

All of them northern hemisphere temperate climate.

There hasn’t been a comprehensive review of forest gardens in temperate climate to date.

Four years from the first thought to now releasing a book.

Research started with an online survey together with the Permaculture Association.

This resulted in a string of visits in person.

Balkan Ecology Project.

Sagara, East Devon forest garden. See his way of design using large scale boards with paper cutouts for individual trees:

…and the result, six years into establishment:

Five categories that the survey asked to choose from:

  • Biodiversity
  • Food self-reliance
  • Commercial production
  • Research
  • Education

1 acre seems to be the average scale of existing forest gardens.

The largest garden in the visit was created for foraging.

Graham Bell’s garden is worth a visit – exemplary!

Reading International Solidarity Centre rooftop forest garden.

Alara Wholefoods forest garden

School forest gardens that allow children to forage, play in the “wild” and interact with one another.

Imagining what you could expect from a semi established perennial garden.

Paul Pivcevic.

Tomas Remiarz on Facebook.

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This is a fledgling project, that is taking a considerable amount of time, and a little bit of money. If you found this informative, entertaining, helpful, and think that it could help someone else, please share using the buttons below. Many thanks!

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