Vikki Mill – Clients seek me out for permaculture gardening

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Not my best performance – I get in the way quite a few times, phorry… Vikki Mill is an amazing, young person, though. Very switched on to learning many, varied, regenerative skills. She’s motivated, as many of us by the aspiration for building a better world, in the face of the evidence of how destructive humanity has been. From the age of 17 she spends her days learning on the job. Currently she’s apprenticing with Ben Law in natural woodland management. To be able to do that, she’s leaving behind her successful permaculture gardening practice in Bristol, where clients would come to her, seeking her expertise and passion.


Permaculture gardening, garden design. Here’s the Facebook page. Have a look at the variety of inspiring designs she’s put in.

Involved with Brighton Permaculture Trust – volunteer for two years, but did a course for learning earthships in 2012.

Permaculture gardening plot main coordinator (not currently)

Accepted for apprenticeship with Ben Law – learning all about becoming a woodsman(woman).

Cooking with fire – the art of controlling heat.

Lived in various housing situations – traditional mortgage, housing coop, boat.

Set up first gardening business at 20 in Oxfordshire.

Gained initial experience in a small, family run garden centre.

Frustrated at the horticulture course, with the focus on chemicals.

Did permaculture course, agroforestry, keeps adding, and would like to do teacher’s course.

Who would benefit most from the agroforestry course run by Martin Crawford?

What’s the benefit of having people with non-land skills (IT, marketing, etc) do permaculture courses? How can the community at large benefit from that?

Not enough gardeners on the planet (in the sense of many clients, not enough hands to do the work)

Customers search Vikki out for permaculture.

Brighton is an eco-thinker bubble.

IDEA: Permaculture relocation plan – to colonise a single location in the UK with permies πŸ˜‰

An inspired client moved to Dorset to start a smallholding.

Permaculture is a revolution disguised as gardening.

Ethiterian – person eating as ethically as possible (coined by Vikki)

Housing coops are great for socially oriented people.

When you have no dependents, use the opportunity to travel and learn.

Ben Law

Music used: Luxe by Jahzzar is licensed under a Attribution-ShareAlike License.

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