Chris Evans – Permaculture from Nepal to the UK

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Chris is one of the pioneers of permaculture in the UK, but has spent a large part of his career in Nepal, helping develop resources that create prosperity in local, subsistence communities. The particularly inspiring story is that of “Indonesia” – a person nicknamed that for his want to leave Nepal to earn money in Indonesia, who was helped to create an income locally, greater than what he had hoped abroad.


With permaculture since 1988 (his PDC in New Zealand).

First PDC in Nepal was organised in 1986.

Himalayan Permaculture Centre.

Hawley Community Garden in Farnborough. Chris was invited to run an introduction to permaculture. They since shifted from allotment style raised beds to perennial planting, keyholes, etc.

The importance of follow up after training.

10-20% of graduates of Teacher’s Training show up as teachers in online listings.

The diploma group on Facebook has a very positive, supportive vibe.

There is no Tesco Express round the corner in rural Nepal. The HPCentre’s work is to help locals to increase their yields.

People have been leaving abroad to earn money to cover for the shortfall of food grown throughout the year.

Traditionally, in Nepal, 1 acre of farm required the input of 6 acres of forestry. What the HPC has demonstrated, that all of the forestry needs can be produced on the farm, and thus spare the forests, and the costs associated to the farmer.

The program has enabled people to take on skills that were needed locally, and thus allowed the individuals to avert leaving the country by creating a good level of income.

Now the centre has a lot of focus on livelihoods, and helps develop skills for processing of produce from the farm.

The need for food security with a surplus that enables economic security.

Western culture has become prosperous through the exploitation of other cultures, and resources.

In the UK we have a facade of security; what we think is a resilient system, but is not.

Is permaculture a product for nobody, because it wants to reach everyone?

Marketing permaculture without using the word, to avoid the conflict in the mind of the person we approach.

What niches can permaculture occupy in the UK?

Applewood Permaculture Centre (Chris and Looby’s LAND project)

Graham Burnett


Hannah Thorogood

Andy Goldring

Graham Bell

Rod Everett

Looby Macnamara

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