Rod Everett – how to manage water up-stream to prevent flooding further down.

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Rod’s website

Active since 1981 – 6 people got together in London.

1985 – teacher training course.

Main aim of courses is to change people’s way of thinking.

50 year anniversary of a big flood in the village.

Flood in July 2016

Drainage in agricultural fields have increased the speed of water moving off the land.

Describing the mechanisms of river bank erosion leading to the large flood.

Tools and methods that can be used to slow down the filling of the main river body before it builds up into a flood.

The ideal is when the river is filled only with spring water (filtered by soil microorganisms), and not rain water.

Went to the convergence in Jordan.

When a flood reaches a town, people tend to think, what could be done in the town, but really the thinking ought to be focused on the uplands.

Victor Shauberger

Creating a social change project, by connecting old farmers with the youth in the area to help slow down the runoff.

Pontbren project – watershed management by a group of upland farmers in Shropshire.

PDC – online vs onsite

Remembering and restoring River Roeburn – project for 2017

Chris Evans

Richard Perkins – check out his youtube channel

River restoration, catchment management, soil erosion prevention and repair (pdf)

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