Affirmation mantras

I can’t meditate, at least for now. My previous attempts to date have been feeble. This is not to say that I will never meditate, and this is my first attempt at training my brain, my awareness that looks promising.

A few weeks in, I’ve been almost daily spending twenty minutes affirming what I feel I need to practice, or be aware of.

It goes like this: I started with a few sessions of a mantra that gets me into the habit of doing it in the first place:

Every morning, for twenty minutes I repeat the positive affirmation of that habit which I wish to attain. This is my meditation.

After a couple weeks “almost” daily I wrote myself another mantra, which after a few tweaks looks like this:

I notice my urges, cravings, thoughts, and feelings as they appear throughout the day, moment by moment. That includes other people’s words and actions.

I stop to recognise them, and welcome them as friends, and as gifts.

I only then make a conscious choice to either act on them, or let them pass on their own, in order to focus my actions on the alternative.

So far so good. I couldn’t sit still, so I’ve been moving about, doing sit ups, and stretches, all the while focusing on every word.

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