Open letter to his Holiness the Dalai Lama

ht_Barack_Obama_Dalai_Lama_jt_110716_mainYour Holiness,

Today I finish the 34th year of living on this planet. All my life has been filled with stories of war and suffering. I have been blessed not to have experienced it yet personally. My hope is also that my 4 year old daughter will never have to see her world crumble into dust, like it does for too many children around the World.

The world is at war, with only 11 countries not being engaged in any conflict. It seems that we don’t have the tools for understanding each other developed or spread far enough.

The reason for my writing of this letter is me seeing how the media in the west have been drumming the drums of war, as if the people who give the news had no minds of their own.

I believe differently. You and other spiritual leaders, and even modern science have shown that we don’t have to follow orders. We are sentient beings, with our basic needs being fulfilled when we care for others. Sadly it seems to me that the men and women who bring the news to the people have been broken into submitting to the brutes and that they had relinquished their power to the organizations that they work for. Unfortunately there is solid evidence pointing towards of the control of a narrow group of men whose interest is in destroying the lives of billions of people on the planet for their own profit.

It is therefore I write to you to ask if you could find two minutes during your upcoming teachings in the USA and address the people who work in the front lines of the media.

If you feel as me, that they could find it valuable, please help them find, with your wise words, the strength, the courage and their power to speak the truth from their hearts. To help them see that they can change the tide of war if they listen to their hearts.

This would be my birthday request to you. I do not demand this of you, and hope that if you choose to, it will be only if your heart tells you, that it feels happy to do so.

I am grateful for the teachings of love you deliver as they enrich my life, and it gives me hope when I see others’ lives enriched in the same way.

with love


27 September 2014

Farnborough, UK

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