Let’s solve our biggest issues together, one step at a time.

This is an open letter to the supporters of Extinction Rebellion – the new movement setting out to ask governments and corporations to clean up their act, and give us a prosperous, but still ecologically sound future.

I’m very pleased to see such a great number of enthusiastic, positive people, who full of hope are capable to organise into one voice. I admire that.

And with this introduction, I have the pleasure to invite you to participate in direct action, through which you can help build a real, tangible solution to one element of our climate change crisis. I’m sorry, but I can’t offer the entire solution, I’m but one man, but I hope, that this creates real change, such that you aspire to see in the world, and which governments and corporations have thus far failed to deliver.

I’m thrilled to be able to give us this opportunity in the hope that together we can make this idea into reality.

The details of what I’m working on are available in this article on LinkedIn (click), but to summarise, I have identified the smallest possible change needed, to make all of our agricultural land work as a carbon sink, remove the need for chemicals, and at the same time produce nutritious food without increasing prices at the store.

It sounds arrogant, I realise that; who is that random guy talking to me, saying that he solved climate change, you ask?

I’m simply a student of a concept developed over the past 40+ years by Dr. Elaine Ingham. I’m in her mentorship programme, and the knowledge I gained, and the examples I’ve seen give me the confidence to put forward this strategy.

The composting industry currently is completely outside of the picture at the moment, but they will be key in making this happen.

As I laid out in the article above, the first step is a baseline study (read about it here) of the soil food web composition of the compost currently produced in the UK. This is necessary, to either identify current producers who achieve good levels of the soil food web elements, or to conclude, that their compost is not fit for purpose, and in turn invalidate any research that use it.

Why is this important? Because all examples of using soil food web on broken agricultural land resulted in an immediate positive change in as little as three weeks. One growing season is what’s needed. That’s all.

This is the most rapid working solution for creating a carbon sink RIGHT NOW.

What I need is funding to perform the work. £94500 or less than £8 per each person out of the 13000 who like the ER Facebook page. The study will last one year, and will produce the census as described above. However, that’s not all. Because my lab, is only a small startup, with no overheads, this will give me sufficient funds to do more work in parallel.

There you have it. You now have the opportunity to support direct work, which will result in turning 17 million hectares of agriculture land in the UK into a carbon sink.

How do we do that? Contact me via the form below. Let’s chat.

George Monbiot said in his speach to the ER assembly in front of the Parliament, that for 33 years he’d been waiting for governments and corporations, and nothing’s happened. He said it’s up to us. He mentioned a long list of tasks ahead of us. We need to start somewhere. Why not here.

What I’m after is part of number 11 on the list of solutions presented by the Drawdown study (click). It’s possible. It’s achievable. Let’s get on with it. Should you want to work on one of the other 100 solutions, please do. Think big, and go for it. We have little time, as you know.

If you choose not to participate, because money is tight, please don’t feel bad. It’s understandable. I’ll be reaching out to everyone, and anyone, to get this funding, and with some luck, will be able to progress. Direct action. Now.

To give you a bit of background on what this can do, see the research done by Dr. David Johnson from the NMSU. He replicated and build upon Dr. Ingham’s work:




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