Greenpeace vs WWF – who will pick up the challenge first?

Neither Greenpeace nor WWF need an introduction. You are the two most well-known names in the area of fighting for a better world. Your activists and volunteers literally put their lives in the line of fire, and many of their names will end up on the pages of written history as the heroes of our days.

Daniel and Natalia looking at Greenpeace bear

Your employees joined you to put a halt to the destruction of our biosphere, and they all do their best to live sustainably.

Here’s the challenge: ensure that every one of your employees has a sustainable food supply. Lots of them probably grow some food in their gardens already.

Help them do it.

Invest in permaculture design and the community implementation of it which we call a permablitz.


bill mollison consumption to production

You campaign for a sustainable food supply chain. Why don’t we show the world that we don’t need to ask for it, but that we can help build it, starting with your organisation?

Will you create the world’s first employee benefit programme that includes helping your staff create a food supply with zero chemical additives, zero carbon, zero food miles, and maximum nutrition?

Let’s ensure that all of the land close to us is in positive production, so that there is less dependence on burning rainforests for palm oil plantations, or need to drill for more oil for fertiliser production. Let’s start with the soil under our feet. Let’s start with OUR gardens.

FDS00004 back garden small

The challenge is on you, because the world watches all of your heroic efforts. Give the people in the developed world a REAL example to follow.

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